Wednesday, November 11, 2015

This past weekend the Horrorzontals went to MLC and ended up taking 7th place. We started out in Pool D as the second seed. We played Wisconsin B first, W-Eau Claire second, and Vandy third. We won all of those games and decided to end Saturday on a universe point win against Iowa, the number one seed of the pool. We were onto the Championship bracket!

Our first game was against Notre Dame. They put up a good fight but we put up a better one. We ended up winning that pre-Quarters game and advanced to the Quarter Finals. We were playing Missouri. We fought our hardest but sadly we lost. We were sent to the 5th seed bracket and played Minnesota. While Finkelstein and Bumsted had a bromance of a game, our hearts weren't in it and we lost. Texas was our next opponent and while we played a good first half, the other team had to go catch a flight leaving us with 7th place. Everyone played great this weekend up we still ended up short. The team will be doing a lot of work in the off season. Hopefully it'll pay off and  we can show the nation what the Horrorzontals are all about.

If you wish to see footage from MLC or Ames, it was just uploaded to ZontalsFootage.