Sunday, April 27, 2014

Regionals in Tulsa

Z Nation-

Your Zboyz finished 5th at Sectionals in Little Rock, which earned them a bid to Regionals this weekend in Tulsa, OK.

I wish I could give you more details, but we haven't even gotten a captain's packet yet.
Wish us luck. Send us some poZitive vibeZ.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

So things got weird...

Fools Fest 33 has officially been declared a success. Here's a quick rundown of what happend:

-Fresh new Zontal alums (Brucie, Glassman, Daktor to name a few) took some current Zs out on Mass Thursday night. I personally woke up in my roommates bed. Naked. Wreaking of piss. Great primer for the weekend.
-Everyone met up Friday night at Leeroy's tavern, where the Long Island Iced Teas started to FLOW. One thing was for sure: there was more dude on dude action that night than anything else. Zontals might be getting a little too comfortable with each other nowadays...
-Saturday games started at 1030, and the Z Alums started things off right. 9 guys participated in that first game, with Kilmer leading the charge. They lost that first one. The alums then rattle off two more wins, and added 20 more guys to the roster, with momentum going into the much anticipated Current/Alumni game. They started off hot with easy scores, but the youngbloods made a charge of their own towards the end of the game. Valley "How's my hair?" Renshaw killed all momentum with a 30 yard crossfield hammer that was caught one handed by Barrett "Easy does it" Davis for the score.
-After young Nickie J threw up into his disc, and 1 and done future Zontal Alumni Super Hero Zac Beasley finished his in 25.6 seconds, we headed off to the newly renovated Abe and Jake's, where things got turnt. UP. Four random girls simultaneously throwing up on the dance floor is in contention for highlight of the night. That, or a Betty doing a handstand in a dress, and flashing everyone her not yet legal junk.

Fools Fest was great. Next year will be even greater. Plans are in motion to reserve the entire youth complex, so that the men's and women's divisions will be located at the same spot. Abe and Jake's is by far the best part spot in Lawrence now, so we will get that on that lock again. Set aside Final Four weekend next year so you don't miss out on what could be the greatest Fools of all time.


Sectionals for the Young Zs is this weekend in Little Rock, AR. The Ozarks section has been awarded 7 bids to Regionals, so the Zs really have to shit their pants to not make it. Veteran coach Joe Nickels had this to say about the upcoming sectionals tournament:
"Yeah, the boys look good. They got a real shot at winning the Section. The offense can score consistently, the D just needs to step up and make plays. If they do that, they can be competitive with anybody."

If you're still connected to the zontals-all google group, it would great to hear some support from ZontalNation going into this weekend. Us young Zontals love to hear glory stories about winning huge games and Z legends making incredible plays. If you have a story you'd like to share, please do so on!

Thanks for the support! We'll let you know how Sectionals goes!