Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Update

Zontal Nation,
Happy holidays! The Zboyz wish you a happy New Year, and good fortune for 2013!

Even though we were more than happy to go home and celebrate the holidays, the Zboys are hard at work preparing for the upcoming season. It might be 20 degrees in KC, or 8 degrees in the twin cities, but the boys are still hitting the pavement. Zontal Nation, words of encouragement are greatly needed! That one sentence text from an Alum is the extra inspiration some of us Zboyz need to finish the last hundred, or hit that last set. We don't want to let the Zontal Nation down. A healthy reminder can only help!

Our tournament schedule is probably going to look like this:
February 23-24 - Free State Classic in Overland Park, KS
March 16-17 - Centex in Austin, TX
March 23-24 - Either Chicago Invite in Chicago, IL OR Terminus in Atlanta, GA

You're probably taking a look at this and saying, "These chodez booked two important tournaments back to back!" and in that case, you're right. The college season has become condensed into 9 weeks, so we are having to compensate getting into specific tournaments with playing back to back weekends. In the words of a wise man, "Time to nut up, or shut up."

If anyone lives in any of these cities, and would be willing to help the Zboyz keep their expenses down by allowing us to stay at your place for the weekend, please let us know! Contact me at if you're interested in helping out.

The boyz are excited to be back in the swing of the season, and much of that excitement stems from having an outrageous, passionate, tight-knit community like our Zontal Nation supporting us.

You'll be hearing from us, and we hope to hear from you!
Trent Kuhl