Monday, October 15, 2012

Manhattan Project

The Z-boys took two teams to Manhattan, KS for K-State's Manhattan Project this past weekend. You'll be proud to know that both teams made it to semi-finals, and were the only two college teams to do so. Both teams were ranked 2nd in both pools, and went 4-0 in Saturday's bracket play.

A memorable game include Team X's/Team Wetball's game against K-State. The Zs up 7-4 to take half, but The Huckstables quickly began to make a comeback, making the game 10-8 them as soft cap went off. The Z-boys held strong, and made 4 straight breaks to win the game. 

Practices are going well. The rookies seem to be picking up the offense; they keep surprising all of the vets with many contributions and scores. 

Our next tournament will be Harvest Moon in Fayetteville. If you plan on being in the area that weekend let your fellow Zboys know!