Monday, September 10, 2012

Club Sectionals

Hey Zontal Nation!
The Z boys took a team of 18 players to Club Sectionals this last weekend. The team consisted of all different types of Zontals. Zontal alumni that participated were Robbie Reynolds and Jack Colicchio. Jack was vital to the team's success this weekend with his famous flicks hucks, while Robbie was as elusive as ever with innumerable deep cuts and long scores. 

Returning Zontals that participated were:
Asa Gotlieb
Charlie Rotter
Simon Gottlieb
Zach Hunter
Lucas Wallace
Stephen McKinney
Trent Kuhl
Nick Jackson
Brent Kimmi
Alex Zimmer
Ryan Tuschhoff

We also invited five new Zontals to play with us. Jason Fink and Sam Bumsted are both freshmen that recently graduated from Hopkins High School in Minnesota. Both were instant contributors not only on defense but at the handler position as well. Kyle Strickland, also a freshman, hails from the great state of Utah. His numerous D's on defense are more than enough to emphasize his impact in the teams success. Harrison Schieb is a junior transfer from Indiana Wesleyan University, where he ran both cross country and track. His athleticism was apparent with outrageous D's and some pretty remarkable skies on offense. Beau Atkinson is a junior student who has years of experience with KCU and summer league. It didn't matter where we put Beau; whether it was offense or defense, handler or cutter, Beau made great plays. Seamless continuations, playing shut down defense, and catching important scores are just a few of the things Beau did for the Zontals this weekend. 

With most of us having not played together since May, the Z boys could only afford a few points to get used to playing with each other. And that's all it took. The Zontals went 1-2 in Pool play, with the win coming from a 9 point run in the second half to defeat Brick City. The first game of bracket play resulted in a loss to Nebraska Disc, but it was quickly redeemed with a win over Contra Black the next morning to advance to a game with City Park Ultimate.

Ben Keg's CPU team played well enough to secure a bid over the Zontals, which put the Z boys in a last minute bid rematch with Nebraska Disc. Heads started to turn as the Z boys stayed neck and neck with Nebraska Disc, eventually taking half 8-7. The game was decided on universe point when Nebraska Disc scored on a set play after their final timeout. Final score 13-12.

The West Plains section definitely took notice of this new crew of Z Boys. One thing was certain and made clear at the end of the tournament: Come around spring, Beware of the Z.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more updates!